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Off-Road / Woods and Rocks

Always refer to "hardpack moto" for the basic set-up procedures.


Contact us to see if you have the correct spring rates.


     If you are trying to ride in the woods with a regular motocross bike, that has regular moto suspension, you will be surprized at how poorly and dangerously it will work. Both wheels will be deflecting off of every second impact.


     The only way to make a motocross bike work in the woods is with a good revalve. The difference between stock moto suspension, and a real good off-road revalve is quite staggering. If the stock suspension is less than ideal in it's intended environment, it will be horrible when used elsewhere. The difference between stock and a moto revalve is noticable.


The difference between stock and an woods revalve is VERY noticable.

     If you are woods riding with stock moto suspension, the best you can do is set your compression and rebounds to the "softest that I can stand without being dangerous" settings that you ended up with previously for hardpack moto.